Thursday, January 12, 2017

Live Cookie Decorating With Montreal Confections - Free 3 Part Class

I will be teaching cookie decorating live with you on my YouTube channel, here is how it will work. Schedule information will be released soon.

Lesson 1 - The Basics of Royal Icing 

Working in only 1 icing consistency to learn how icing behaves. To copy my designs exactly you'll need to prepare some, pink, white & blue icing but you can use any colors you like this doesn't change the process.

Cookie preparations:

You will need 12 cookies (we may not use them all), the size should be between 3"- 4"  with a hole cut out of the center, please watch the following video for the detailed explanation. Once you have baked your cookies you can freeze them until decorating day just take them out 1 hrs before we start so they can thaw.

In the hopes of simplifying the advance preparations for you here are the sizes & shapes you’ll need for lesson 2 & 3 so you can cut & bake everything at once. I have also created prep videos for both lesson 2 & lesson 3 which you can watch now.

Cutter & color requirements for Lesson 2 & Lesson 3:

Cookie shapes for citrus slices 2" rounds (6x) 3" rounds (6x) icing colors are white, lemon yellow in dark & pastel (no leaves during lesson). See prep video description box for cutter link.

Cookie shapes are cupcake (6x) small flower (6x) larger flower (6X) icing colors (same as lesson 1) blue, pink & white plus sprinkles. See prep video description box for cutter link.

If you have never baked sugar cookies I suggest you watch this video.

** In this video I say to use chilled dough but in the case of the doughnut shapes you'll have trouble getting the rounded edges (saran wrap cutting technique) with chilled dough so I suggest using room temperature dough in this case. Do not handle the shapes leave them on the parchment paper, pick up the whole sheet and put in the freezer to have them set-up.

Icing Preparations:

Please watch the following video to learn how to prepare 20-second consistency icing and then proceed to make some blue, pink & white icing. If you are a beginner you may want to simply purchase a Royal Icing mix where you just add water (see supply list below).

If you are preparing your icing in advance you can freeze the icing until the day you need it, take it out of the freezer at least 1 hour before use. Once you are done decorating you can return the leftover icing to the freezer to use again for lesson 3.If you are preparing your icing in advance you can freeze the icing until the day you need it, take it out of the freezer at least 1 hour before use. Once you are done decorating you can return the leftover icing to the freezer to use again for lesson 3.

*Sprinkles are optional but they do make the cookies pretty.

Suggested supplies, this vendor ships internationally (prices in CAD$). I decided not to include the Amazon links since they only work for US residents, the vendor below can accommodate everyone.

I think the easiest way for everyone to communicate & share their works is via Instagram, you'll need to create a PUBLIC account. Before we start please post a photo of your supplies with the #montrealconfectionslesson1 so we can see who will be participating. During the lesson, we will take breaks to visit Instagram and look at everyone work. I'm not sure how well this will work but I'm hoping it creates a nice exchange between everyone. 

If you are not able to decorate cookies with us but would still like to participate I created these fun cookie coloring pages for you. Just print to size and then decorate, if using the page on the right you could try cutting them out and place on a platter and see if you can fool us with your coloring skills.  **I suggest the ones on the right for young kids, print them big so they can color the sprinkles easily. These files are jpeg, I can NOT help you with any complications you may have printing these.


Please have all you supplies ready on time to ensure you can start with us.

See you soon,



Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How To Make A Christmas Dress Cookie

One of you requested a Christmas dress cookie, I scoured the internet for ideas and found this dress as my inspiration.

I found it a little too green so I decided to add some red & white to brighten it up, you'll find the step-by-step tutorial video below.  The design seemed to mesh perfectly with this cutter shape the scallops at the bottom were a perfect match for my idea.

Here are some supplies used for this project:

Watch the video here

More dress cookies videos

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How To Make Decorated Yeti Cookies with Royal Icing

For today's project, I will be hand cutting the cookie dough with a cardstock template as my guide. Please note that when hand cutting cookie dough you will get a much more professional finish if you chill the dough after you roll it.

Here is the template for the project, print it to your desired size the smaller it is the harder it will be to get small details to fit nicely. I prefer to print my templates onto card stock to have a more sturdy guide to work with.
Here is my detailed step-by-step video tutorial showing you exactly how to recreate my design:

Here are some of the supplies I used to decorate these cookies

Don't hesitate to post any questions you might have,