Thursday, April 10, 2014

The "Cookie Queens" Virtual Baby Shower

Welcome to our virtual baby shower!

Congratulations Callye & Georganne on the arrival of your beautiful baby girls. I'm excited to be part of this virtual celebration and have created some cute cookies for you.  Preview photos and all links at bottom of this page.

One has to think for a a minute or two about what to make for 2 of the biggest cookie bloggers? After some reflection it came back to what brings us together? Baking cookies! I made some baking themed baby cookies, you'll find the links to the tutorials below.

This bib cookie designs is pretty classic with a few details that add interest, this cookie could be done in any color combination, Watch the tutorial here. Purchase cutter here.

The classic baby shower cookie, the onesie I've seen it done 101 different ways and in as many colours. It's nice to personalize this cookie, in this case both moms are bakers so I added an apron to the onesie cookie. I tied the apron design into the bid design above, watch tutorial here. Purchase cutter here.

As you look at this cookie what do you see? I am not sure if my initial idea is a success but it was meant to be a combo baby bottle/ rolling pin. Just in case our 2 new junior bakers get in the mood to make cookies as they are having their midnight feeding, watch the tutorial here. Purchase cutter here.

Templates (11 x 8.5 paper):

I hope you've enjoyed my portion of the festivities please be sure to scroll all the way down this page to find the clickable links to all the other beautiful projects.

1. Sweet Ambs
2. Jill FCS
3. The Decorated Cookie
4. Klickitat Street
5. Semi Sweet
6. Simply Sweets by Honey Bee
7. Make Me Cake Me
8. Haniela's
9. Montreal Confections
10. The Partiologist
11. Munchkin Munchies
12. The Cookie Puzzle
13. De-Koekenbakkers
14. Chapix Cookies
15. Ali Bee's Bakeshop
16. Krazy Kool Cakes
17. Pretty Pink Princess

Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 Easter Collection templates

Thanks so much for stopping by, if you are interested in recreating any of the cookies or project seen in my YouTube videos here are the templates.

Captain America Egg, video tutorial here:

Bunny girl & Chibi Peter Rabbit

Princess Easter egg

Friday, February 7, 2014

Butterfly cake - How to make a buttercream butterfly cake

Welcome to todays tutorial! I will be decorating this beautiful cake for you today.

I used a petal cake pan as the canvas for my butterfly, here is the template for the butterfly wing parts:

The cake pan comes in a few sizes just print the template in the size you need.

Last but not least here is a preview of the next tutorial also using this cake pan, this would be a perfect Mothers Day cake.

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