Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Giving Thanks

I am a little embarrassed to be posting this since Thanksgiving has already past here in Canada, I was too busy enjoying myself and didn't manage to finish in time. Here I am with my family no piping bag in sight lol, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving in the orchards.

Thankfully my American friends still have time to give this project a try.

Today's project is a cookie place card which can be decorated by your guests, along with a giveaway!!

Here is a photo of the completed cookie, I used a maple leaf cutter.

Here is a link to a cutter which is very close to the one I used.
here is the easle:

I scanned a copy of my drawing for you to get a general idea of the lines.

I also made you a short video showing you how to decorate this fun cookie place card project.

Markers used in this project are Foodoolers:

Here is a short product comparison/demonstration video: