Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birdcage cake & cookie decorating tutorials

Today's post is something I had been thinking about for a while, with 2013 here what better time to start something new.

 I am going to attempt to share with you the techniques I use to decorate cakes, for those who are accustomed to my cookie tutorials no worries there is one here for you as well.

I broke down the tutorials into four parts all of which are accessible from this post or via the Birdcage introduction video on YouTube.

Step 1 Video - A complete video tutorial on how to create all the decoration needed to decorate this cake. The point of this is to complete the decorations in advance to facilitate the final assembly.

- Frosting sheets generously supplied by Flour Confections, they are used to create the metal parts of the cage, the sheets are airbrushed black then dusted with silver airbrush to add a more metallic look to them. You will need 2 frosting sheets in the making of this cake design, I cut the frosting sheet into 12 pieces that were the full length of the page and 3/8" wide. For the bottom border pieces I cut the frosting sheet 1 1/2" wide again leaving them the full length. Frosting sheets Available here

** Optional I had some royal icing dots left over from other projects that I painted in the same way as the frosting sheets to create matching rivets to the bird cage. 

- The butterflies were made using wafer paper available here, I used a black edible markers which can be purchased here, the stamps can be found at your local craft store. ** DO NOT PURCHASE CLEAR STAMPS they do not work with edible markers.

You will need white & black fondant as well as some gum paste.

I used a 3 1/2 round scalloped cookie cutter for the top cake decoration then I used 5 and 2 piping tips to cut the holes around the edges, then to pip the green branches I used a 4 tip and to pip the leaves I used this tip.

Step 2 Video - In this portion I show you how I frost such a tall cake. For this design I used a 6" cake pan that was 3" high, I baked 2 cakes with this pan size. I also used a 6" ball pan, I baked one of these. I cut up each 6" cake into 3 slices which were filled with buttercream. I used bubble straws as structural support along with a 6 inch cake board, I used a white 10" cake board to build the cake onto. I show how I covered the cake in white fondant in preparation for Step 3.

Step 3 Video - I show how I measured and marked the cake to then apply the cage bars then I show how I decorate the rest of the cake. The cake was about 10" high the total portions for this cake are 24. 

Step 4 Video - I show how I decorate a birdcage cookie made using a Halloween tombstone cookie cutter. I used the same flower cutter set & technique and the stamp is also the same.

I hope you will find this tutorial helpful in the making of this cake design.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Marlyn