Monday, February 25, 2013

Pretty Princess Cupcakes

February 25th 2013 is National Cupcake Day and I'm hosting an online cupcake party!

OK not really a party but a great video tutorial, a 3D princess cupcake that is sure to charm all your party guests, view it here.

Every princess needs a castle you can learn how to make this adorable castle cake here, castle cutters available here.

To make these cupcakes you will need the following supplies:

Cupcake liners
Cookie cutter New cutter design at Plastics in Prints
Princess head push mold
Gold luster dust
Pink petal dust
Textured mat
Edile markers
Piping tip
Airbrush colours for painting
Small heart cutter - I don't have a supplier link for this

View all the princess themed videos here