Saturday, February 16, 2013

Princess party extravaganza!

So excited to announce that I will be collaborating with two talented ladies, allow me to introduce them to you.

Those of you in the cookie decorating circles might already know Haniela, she is a talented blogger, cake/cookie decorator as well as a food photographer. Be sure to visit her blog to see all her wonderful photos, ideas & recipes.

The next talented lady is Elena, she is a hugely talented card & paper craft designer and photographer.  If you don't already know her you must head over to her blog, Just Me to see all her wonderful creations.

This collaboration will bring together two very important elements to party planning, food & decor. We are starting our adventure with a princess theme, almost every little girl has a princess party at one point in their lives. If you are in the beginning stages of planning a princess party and in search of some original ideas, you have come to the right place.

** At the end of each of all our videos you will see a slide like this one, you can click directly on the photo to get to the tutorial of your choice.

For my portion of the festivities I created a video tutorial for a cookie bouquet. It is made up of separate parts which when put together create a complete castle. This castle bouquet would be a stunning addition to any princesses dessert table.

Photo by Elena Roussakis

The tower roof element was inspired by these beautiful cookies

The castle bouquet is made up of the following pieces. I decorated in pink & purple but you could certainly choose more masculine colours. 

These cookies can be individually wrapped before assembly of the bouquet, you can add a decorative ribbon to the top of the towers for a finishing touch. You can view the complete video tutorial here.

The cutter set for this project is now available exclusively at Plastics in Print, visit their Etsy store to see all their great cutters. The are having a giveaway for the first kit!! Check my following post for details.

I designed these cookies to be versatile (see the photo below), I used the same cookies to turn a regular 6" square cake into this adorable castle cake.

Photo by Elena Roussakis

All the same cookies were used except for the front of the castle which is now cake. To decorate this 6" square cake,  I covered it in pink fondant and inserted the top tower cookie-pop. I then piped a white royal icing ruffle along the top edge of the cake and used the same icing to glue on the two front towers, door & bushes. Be sure to pipe a decorative border along any edges that might not be picture perfect.

Below are the links to Haniela's unicorn poop cupcakes & Elena's whimsical princess party decor.

     Just Me
Elena Roussakis YouTube Channel