Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Airbrushed cookies using sectional stencils

It's not a big secret that my favourite way to decorate is with my airbrush, today's video is to demonstrate that an airbrush works on fondant cookies as well. 

Here is a photo of the cookies in question. If you take a moment to examine them, you will see some sections are black lace, others are just black. This is done with a sectional stencil.

Here is the template for my design.

There are two versions above, pick the one you prefer and then trace it onto a piece of clear acetate with a permanent marker. You will need a stencil for every colour you intend to use, you will then cut out the sections for each colour (That is why it is called a sectional stencil). 

If you look at the example above I added pink to the sections of the stencil I cut out, this allows colour to go onto certain sections while protecting other specific areas of the design. This technique can be done with any design, you just need to take the time to create the stencils and they can then be used over and over again. You can view the video tutorial here.