Thursday, May 23, 2013

4th of July Celebration Cake

The summer festivities are around the corner, all these activities can make it difficult to create the special touches we've come to love. This patriotic eagle cake can be made in advance and will surly be the talk of any 4th of July barbecue you bring it to.

You can make the gold stars & eagle topper at least 3 weeks in advance which will make the final assembly a snap. I would say that the majority of people own a 8" cake pan but if you are using a box mix this doesn't make for a tall cake. To create a tall cake without the waste, bake your mix in a 6" pan that is 3" tall, you can divide that into 3 pieces once filled it should be 4" tall. Here is a blog post which explains how to torte a cake.

Once I had filled and covered my cake in white buttercream I put it in the freezer. The actual decorating process was very fast since I had made my decorations in advance,  once done I put the completely decorated frozen cake back in the freezer to be enjoyed at a later time.

Here are all the piping tips I used to create the buttercream borders.

Please enjoy the video tutorial for this cake project.

Here is the template for the eagle topper:

Assorted supplies used for this project