Sunday, June 30, 2013

Easy buttercream owl cake

Today's tutorial is for a surprisingly easy cake project, I made a video for you to see how I did it.

Photos by Elena Roussakis

The finished cake was approximately 12" high, compiled of two 6" rounds (3" high pans) the top was one 6" ball pan. In the illustration below you can see that I only trimmed off a small portion off the cake where the owls face would be.

**The cake was assembled on a white 10" cake board.

If you are on a tight schedule buttercream cakes are the way to go, you can quickly decorate with few tools and little fuss.

- Belly & face- done with cream coloured buttercream using a #18 star piping tip. 
- Body feathers - done with chocolate buttercream using a #364 piping tip
- Beak & feet - Done with a combination gold & yellow fondant and hand molded.
- Eyes - Done with white fondant and a simple scalloped cutter, the middles were done using a button mold that were then airbrushed black. Black royal icing for the lashes and a 1.5 PME piping tip.
- Eyebrows done with a large star cupcake tip #1M and chocolate buttercream
- Wings done with chocolate fondant and a wood grain textured mat along with a paisley cookie cutter
- Bow was made with a Wilton push mold that was then dried inside a cake pan to give it its shape then airbrushed red.