Friday, April 18, 2014

Baby DeFranco Cookie Tutorial

Sometimes the video editing process takes me into the wee hours of the night and I'll get sidetracked with the many many distractions YouTube has to offer. One of my favorite channels to watch is the Philip DeFranco Show (please note I would give his channel an R rating), he describes his channel as a place "where he talks about newsy type stuff that matter to him".

He announced last October that he & his fiancée Lindsay were expecting their first child and so today's tutorial is for them & "Baby DeFranco" as he calls his son.

This whole idea stemmed from one of my delusions where I wondered what his sons YouTube channel would be called? Since daddy's company is SourceFed I thought the perfect name for his sons channel would be BreastFed, and so that is what is going on Baby DeFranco's onesie cookie. I'm thinking that (if you are an artist you must check this site out) should totally start a baby line and this should be the first design.

Last but not least I am not sure where the monkey comes in for Philip DeFranco but a monkey with glasses is featured at the beginning of his videos and so I created a cookie versions of the DeFranco monkey. See his monkey here.

Watch both video tutorials here.

Should you wish to recreate my cookies here are the templates:

If you see this Phil just love you channel and I'm so impressed with what you have accomplished, I hope my cookies made you smile.

Take care,